The horoscope that was written in school about Mike was that he would become a stuntman for the TV show, "You Asked for It". They weren't far wrong. During his life, he has worked extensively in the forestry sector. He later went on to establish his own successful companies. 

During this time, his passion for nature allowed him to become a successful photographer, climbing guide in the Himalayas, horseback guide in the Chilcotin and a whitewater rafting guide. His consuming love of travel, whether for business or pleasure, has taken him all over the world to many exotic places, allowing him to continually extend his photographic essays of nature and the people who live there. He is known as the guy who can't stand still. He currently resides on Vancouver Island and continues to build a significant portfolio of images of the world we live in.

Mike's photographs have been featured in "The International Hall of Fame of Professional Photographers” and in 2017 his work was chosen to represent Canada in the 2018  “World Photographic Cup".